Chill Tub Warranty

This warranty is only valid for Chill Tubs ordered from 1 January 2023.

Our Chill Tubs warranty provides coverage for defects in workmanship and defects or malfunctions that arise during normal use conditions for a period of 2 years from the date of delivery.

This warranty applies to commercial and residential use of the Chill Tub and only to the original purchaser or original owner if the product was purchased as a gift. The use of any hot tub/multi-functional tablets is prohibited and will invalidate your warranty, as this may cause problems with the stainless steel structure. We recommend you only use the Chill Tabs Sanitiser tablets. The warranty does not cover damage resulting from the addition of chemicals to the water, (excluding our recommended Chill Tabs Sanitiser) neglected
filter care and replacement, power outages, low water flow, restricted air flow, or any other form of neglect, misuse, or abuse. There may be other exclusions to this warranty, as described in the Limited Warranty. It is important to carefully read and understand the terms of the Limited Warranty in order to fully understand the coverage provided.

Warranty Limitations

  1. The warranty period starts upon delivery of the Chill Tub.
  2. The warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, lack of maintenance, or lime scale deposits. Chemical abuse or poor water chemistry.
  3. Chill Tubs Ltd reserves the right to replace the defective parts with factory or re-manufactured parts.
  4. Chill Tubs Ltd is not responsible for any damage caused by alterations or modifications by the consumer.
  5. The warranty of the Chill Tub does not cover defects, damage or failure caused by the common carrier, installer, user or other persons, pets or rodents, or resulting from, without limitation, any of the following: careless handling (lifting unit by plumbing, abrading finish, etc) including its own negligence; modification of any type for any reason) including modification to meet local codes); Improper installation (including installation not in accordance with instructions and specifications provided with the unit); connections supplied by the installer of the equipment; improper voltage supply or unauthorized electrical modification; misuse; incorrect operation, or lack of proper routine maintenance; operation of the unit without specified minimum amount of water or at inappropriate water temperature; use of abrasive or improper cleaners; or acts of God, such as lightening, floods, earthquakes etc.
  6. In addition, Chill Tubs Ltd will not be responsible for incidental or consequential damages or losses arising from any cause (e.g. water damage to carpet, ceiling, tiles, marbles, loss of use etc.) including it’s own negligence; damages to, respecting or resulting from: chemicals/misuse are used in the unit or hard water conditions; optional equipment not manufactured by the company but supplied with the dealer, installer or Company; the units prior usage as an operational of display; or defects that should have been discovered before installation.
  7. This warranty does not include labour, transportation, crane, or any other costs incurred in the removal and or re-installation of the original unit and/or installation of a replacement unit; any costs relating to obtaining access for repair; or loss of use damage, including loss of sales, profit, or business under any circumstances. Chill Tub units are excluded of any warranty coverage if any addition, deletion, or modification of any kind whatsoever has been made to the unit (or to any component).
  8. The warranty does not cover defects of damage due to normal wear and tear, improper installation, alterations without the manufacturer written consent, accident, misuse, abuse, commercial or industrial use, the use of an accessory not approved by the manufacturer, failure to follow the user manual, or repairs made or attempted by anyone other than an authorized representative of the manufacturer.
  9. Chill Tubs Ltd will not provide compensation for delays in resolving warranty claims, or loss of use whilst the claim is in process.

Registering the product warranty

All products require registering using the product registration form within 7 days of installation. Failing to register may invalidate the warranty. Please fill in all information requested. To register your Chill Tub, please go to

Extent of Warranty

This warranty extends only to the original consumer purchaser of the Chill Tub when invoiced and delivered. The warranty terminates upon any transfer of ownership prior to the expiration of the warranty period. Any modifications to the Chill Tub will void the warranty.

How to make a claim

If you are a Chill Tubs retailer making a claim on behalf of your customer, please log a claim using the warranty portal on the CRM.

If you are a Chill Tubs customer, please contact your Chill Tubs retailer who will make the claim on your behalf.