"We want your hot tub experience to be enjoyable and trouble free, so why not take advantage of our customer service facilities."

Kevin Higginson, Owner


*Outside a 50 mile radius from our showroom the price will be £175 + VAT.
Arctic Ocean Swim Spa service £280 + VAT.
Standard service price of £150 + VAT.


1 Spa System Flush and run spa for 20 minutes.
2 Drain water.
3 Check operation of drain valve.
4 Clean spa shell surface with recommended cleaner.
5 Remove filter from cartridge, inspect and clean the cartridge.
6 Check filter basket and floating weir for debris, clean and replace.
7 Check suction covers for damage and build up of debris, clean if required.
8 Remove spa pillow, clean and replace.
9 Check topside control panel for wear/damage/all functions are working correctly.
10 Inspect spa shell for structural faults/damage.
11 Check venturie valves are working correctly.
12 Check diverter valves are working correctly.
13 Check all pump unions are water tight.
14 Check the heater unions are water tight.
15 Check pumps are securely mounted.
16 Check all JJ plugs, XM plugs and copper ground plugs are securely fitted to the motherboard.
17 Check all jubilee clips are tight.
18 Check all hose and PVC connections are still secure.
19 Manually check for any moisture/leaks from pipe work and internal components.
20 Remove all debris from within the spa cabinet.
21 Remove cover from motherboard, check internal components.
22 Test electrical functionality and connectivity including earth connections.
23 Clean jets.
24 Rinse out the spa.
25 Refill with clean water.
26 Check for leaks whilst refilling.
27 Turn spa isolator on and check power up function.
28 Turn pumps on to clear air locks.
29 Check pumps are running correctly.
30 Check spa is heating.
31 Clean and protect the outside of the Hot tubspa cover.
32 Clean the inside of the cover.
33 Stain Cabinet (wood) If the weather is wet then the engineer will leave stain with the customer Clean Cabinet (Plastic)
34 Free delivery of chemicals/filters (if requested)
35 Offer general water maintenance advice if required.

Great set up here from the Thomson family in Prestonpans. Hot Tub, yep, outside bar yep, therapy and fun for all the family. How a back yard should be.

Enjoy winter folks.

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Yesterday's install was for the Equi family in Edinburgh. This is the family's second hot tub supplied by us. They left their old tub at the previous house when they moved.
We're proud that customers come back to buy again from us, hopefully it proves that our after sales service is in good shape.

Thanks again to the Equi family.
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